Straight Teeth

Less Time

Clear Braces

I am extremely excited to offer 6 Month Smiles as a cosmetic and wellness option for my patients. This provides straight teeth, in less time, with clear braces.
6 Month Smiles affordability and speed to reposition a patients smile is why I offer this in my practice. Cases typically take 4-9 months to achieve alignment.





These are cosmetic braces that focus on a patients smile.
6 Month Smiles uses clear brackets and tooth colored wires.

What Can Change in 6 Months

6 Month Smiles Free Consultation

A patients experience with 6MS

After evaluation to determine that a patient is a good candidate for 6 Month Smiles. An appointment for impressions and records is made. The records are sent to the 6 month smiles laboratory. A few weeks later the patient returns for a “brackets on” appointment. During treatment visits are usually once a month to change the tooth colored wires and monitor movement. After treatment is completed brackets are removed and retainers are fabricated.

We offer convenient payment plans to make this treatment more accessible for our patients.