In Office vs Take Home

In Office Whitening

Brighter Teeth in less than 1 Hour

In office whitening and instant gratification at Fort Worth Dental Arts!

This professional treatment is administered in the dental chair. The sessions are 50 minutes and results are achieved immediately. This procedure is administered in the teeth whitening room where patients can lay back under the ceiling mounted flat screen, dim the lights and have a relaxing experience.

At Fort Worth Dental Arts we proudly use Opalescence Boost for in office teeth whitening. This is a 40% hydrogen peroxide solution.  Boost is a chemically activated agent so no bright light is needed. Boost contains Potassium Nitrate which helps decrease sensitivity and Fluoride to strengthen teeth.  A topical Fluoride can be added after in office teeth whitening to further decrease sensitivity.

Take Home

Take Home Bleaching Trays

For a slower pace or touch up whitening treatments try Take Home Teeth Whitening!

This treatment is administered at your leisure at home.  Dental Impressions are taken and a custom bleaching tray is fabricated for you. Take home bleaching solution is provided. This option can be used repeatedly at home. We show you how to apply the solution and it is used for 30 minutes at a time.

Opalescence take home whitening gel is provided. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide is at a lower % then in office whitening and this can be applied at home by patients.