“The most common major problem I see in my practice is bruxism. Bruxism and clenching teeth leads to destruction of teeth, destruction of dental restorations, head aches and pain.”   Spencer Hoyt, DDS

Why do I need a night guard?

Protection from bruxism ( Clenching and Grinding teeth )

The most common way to treat bruxism is a night guard (occlusal splint) to control the habit during sleep.

What is a night guard?

A night guard is something you wear between your top and bottom teeth during sleep to protect from Bruxism. There are various types of night guards. At Fort Worth Dental Arts, we use two types of night guards. Upper night guards and lower night guards (worn on your top teeth or bottom teeth). Dr. Hoyt Prescribes the type of night guard based on each patients individual needs and preferences.

Night guards have hard and soft components to them to increase comfort.

At Fort Worth Dental Arts our night guards are made with high quality medical grade acrylic. However we price our night guards more affordably to increase access to these medical devices for our patients.

Does insurance cover it?

Most PPO insurance providers cover night guards. At Fort Worth Dental Arts a team member will check your insurance benefits for you. Then provide you with a estimated insurance contribution.

What is the fitting process?

A consultation can be made by contacting our office. At the consultation appointment Dr. Hoyt will determine if a night guard is necessary. After, if it is determined that a custom fabricated night guard is a good treatment for you.

An appointment is made to have the night guard custom fabricated. Impressions (molds) are taken of the patients upper and lower teeth. The impressions are sent to a laboratory for fabrication. Once the night guard is completed an appointment is made to deliver the night guard.

Are they comfortable?

Dr. Hoyt will chose and design your night guard with comfort in mind. The relief of pressure from clenching allows the patient to sleep better and wake up with less jaw tension. So the patient will rest better at night.

Night guards at Fort Worth dental arts are designed for patient comfort.

The night guards fabricated at Fort Worth Dental Arts are designed for comfort. We have different options that we can offer patients to fit individual needs.

How do I schedule an consultation?

A consultation with Dr. Hoyt can be scheduled through our website or by phone our office at (817) 529-1600.