A filling is material that is used to replace missing or fractured tooth structure.

What is a filling made of?

Fillings are made of either composite or porcelain. In my practice, I utilize two tiers of fillings depending on what is required.


Composite is ideal for restoring small holes in teeth. It is a putty that forms a matrix and is subsequently bonded to the tooth.

Shaping Composite is an art. I start with shade selection to match the tooth. Composite needs to be placed very purposefully, designed and molded into the shape of the tooth, then finished and polished to mimic the natural tooth structure.

Porcelain Inlays (A Porcelain Filling):

In my practice, Porcelain Inlays are the conservative standard to restore large holes in teeth when a crown is not necessary.

There are several benefits to inlays.

First, utilization of an inlay saves precious tooth structure that would have to be removed by fabrication of a crown.

The second benefit is the added strength that inlays give to the overall tooth structure.The increased strength of the porcelain compared to composite provides more strength, which in turn strengthens the tooth and increases the restorations prognosis.

Porcelain Inlays are fabricated by our ceramist. They are custom tailored to ensure that the shade and contour matches the natural tooth.